Monday, May 7, 2012

Almost making good on the promise

It's Monday, give me a little leeway.

Someone has asked me to define previously mentioned transportation narcolepsy, so here goes:

Transportation Narcolepsy: (n) a condition characterized by the inability to maintain consciousness while waiting for, or riding on, transportation of all kinds. see pictured:

(me, sleeping by a trash can, waiting for a bus in Airlie Beach, Australia)

Mind you, most pictures of me engaging in TN are (and should be) deleted immediately. 

It is a debilitating condition. 
One that causes MW much suffering, as he typically does most of the driving on our road trips and is left alone for hours at a time. I think it stems from my childhood, driving 12 hours from NY to NC. On a solid trip, I could sleep a full 11 hours. The other hour was used for peeing and eating. 

How was your monday? 
Mine wasn't as good as Saturday, but much better than most Wednesdays. I don't know why, but I just really dislike Wednesdays. Sorry "hump day," we don't jive well. 

I've been having some protein pancakes for breakfast lately, which are quite different from regular pancakes, but actually very tasty.
I found a recipe for them here Protein Pancakes via one of my favorite healthy bloggers, Eating Bird Food. I love them, and have checked out some of the TIU website and think these ladies are awesome. 

After work Friday, I met up with MW at Foothill's Brewery to have a nice cold Jade IPA. 
MW is so proud that he's finally turned me on to drinking IPAs. But they're so refreshing that they scream "summer!" Don't worry, I'm still a dark beer girl at heart, during winter. 

I spent the rest of the weekend relaxing, which was so nice! Saturday may have involved a rainy nap on the sofa.

We were also dog sitting our favorite furry friends again
love these fuzzies!

After Tuff started drinking from the cats' water bowl, Zoe got brave and returned the favor

It took a day or two for everyone to relax and get used to each other, but it did happen. And we had a peaceful slumber last night with all animals in harmony. 

Tomorrow is MW's birthday, so we have a week full of fun ahead. Saturday is the start of the Farmer's Market at the Dixie Classic Fairgrounds. I hate admitting this, but I've never been. And it's so close! I'm hoping to make it a regular habit this year (just like exercising, right?). 

It's all about the balance, people. 

PS- I'm not the only guilty party!
(thanks Alex)

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