Sunday, August 3, 2014


This is a short note to say hello to our family and friends that still check back here every now and then. We've been crazy busy in our lives lately and it has been sad not to keep you all updated on these events. This is partly due to a storage issue on the blog (too many photos) that I haven't gotten around to dealing with. And partly due to afore mentioned busy status. For now, I've started deleting old (silly) posts to make some space. But I'll have to find a better solution, which could mean transferring to a new blog. I'll keep you updated (maybe). 

We just finished a weekend in Concord for Cooper's first Flyball tournament. Flyball is a relay race with a team of 4 dogs, who must jump over 4 hurdles, retrieve a ball from a  spring loaded box, and then return over the hurdles triggering the next dog to go. He's been in classes for a few months and this was the first of any kind of tournament for him. The first heat he ran in, his team won!
Here he is with MW after winning!

With this win, he also titled for the second time. He previously had one title for passing a Canine Good Citizen test, but now he is also a Flyball Dog, and Flyball Dog Excellent for winning his heats and scoring 125 points. As we get more points through winning heats, he will acquire more titles in the Flyball world. 

I won't be able to hit on all the key points since we last spoke. But here is a snippet of the things we've been up to since then:

Playing in snow

Celebrating loved ones

Quitting my first job


Pretending to be nurses for free lunch

 Visiting my sis in SF for wedding dress shopping (and Giants games)

 Making Pink Swirl Soap

 Wine Tours with great girlfriends

 Visiting with my other sisters

Starting Fieldwork (and nearing the end of grad school)

Having KBurd visit...

 ...and then visiting her and her hammock (fail).

 Collecting records (our new favorite hobby!)

Going to Concerts

 Lovin on this goofball

And livin the good life in...

Until next time, friends!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Top 10

Well Hello old, dear friend. I missed you. 
When swamped with homework, stress, or general busy-ness, I thought of you often. 

So here I am again. 
To settle the debt I owe you for the many months of silence, here are my top five things since last we spoke,
in no particular order. 

1. Denver.
MW and I went to Denver in August and I fell in love. 
I want to live there immediately and for an extended period of time. 
We missed our flight home, and part of me wonders if it was a sign from nature...

God I love this dog.
 Picking him up to go home

getting beers at City Beverage

(baths were easier when he was this tiny)

3. Family

Grove Park Inn with my family

Aunt J's 90th birthday with MW's family. 

4. Friends (new and old)

5. Food (and beer of course, who do you think I am?)

This time, I'm not making any promises. 
But I'll see you again soon.