Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Directions

I am excited to finally announce that....

I'm officially a Graduate Student!!

I have been accepted to the Master's program in Occupational Therapy for the Fall of 2012 at Winston-Salem State University. I'm very excited and relieved after receiving the admissions letter Saturday, the day after my birthday.

As for my birthday, I started the day with a new bootcamp class at the gym and was thrilled to get back to doing some strength training. I carpooled with MW to work and was treated to a wonderful lunch with my two friends/co-workers. I picked The Basil Leaf, a new Thai place near our office. I was not disappointed and neither were my friends. I was happy to have introduced them to a new lunch spot.

After work, MW picked me up and we went to Haute Chocolate to pick out my birthday truffles. I picked the Earl Grey Tea truffle (a house specialty) and a Chipotle Cherry truffle.

(Earl Grey was gone at this point. MW's are on the top: 
Creme Brulee and White Raspberry Truffle)

 From there, we ran into City Beverage to pick out a beer for the weekend, but found out that the credit card machine wasn't working. We decided to run over to First Street Draught House to get a beer before grabbing cash and returning to City Bev. However, as we ordered our beer I heard a yell from across the bar

Bewildered, I looked across and saw our friend (and MW's former NY neighbor) Heather. We hadn't seen Heather since the summer, so we made our way over and started chatting. She invited us to stay and meet her friends, so we did. Several hours later, any plans of salmon and city bev had been tossed aside, without hesitation or dismay. We had a great time catching up with Heather and making new friends. Salmon can always wait. 

Despite getting home around 9:30pm, I was pooped after a long day of exercise, work, and beer. I did, however, manage to eat my Earl Grey Tea truffle, completely savoring each bite before drifting off to pleasant sleep. It was smooth but also gritty in surprisingly enjoyable way. Needless to say, I'm excited to have my second truffle, possibly with a Hopslam and new Walking Dead episode. 

Saturday we woke up and MW made me a famous MW breakfast. I grabbed some hot sage sausage at the local farm market and made little sausage patties. MW also re-upped our bagel stash for my birthday, which was a welcome surprise. We are some bagel lovers in this house. Thanks to Joseph, we had awesome eggs to dunk the bagels in and the sausage completed the whole meal. Best birthday breakfast ever. I ate it so fast, pictures didn't even stand a chance.

We had planned to go to my parents' house in Charlotte Saturday in order to see them for dinner and return my mom's car (which I had borrowed). I wanted to clean up a bit before we left, so I took the trash out and grabbed our mail key just to check for coupons or magazines. And surprisingly enough, there was a package from WSSU admissions. Our mail actually comes later in the afternoon, so it must have been delivered on Friday. I tore it open on the spot like a high school senior and nearly busted my face running up the apartment steps to show MW. He was, of course, ecstatic. What a great birthday gift!

I was so happy to be able to go down and tell my parents in person, especially since we were having a nice steak dinner. It gave us even more reason to celebrate. It was the best way to share the news: Dad's steaks are the best and the wine was phenomenal! I am so lucky to have my parents close by for exciting events like this.

Steak, roasted potatoes, steamed broccoli

Dad the photographer

My beautiful mommy!

MW posing

Unfortunately, the best I could do was Facetime with my sister, but at least I got to see her reaction. I also was able to show off the new Ugg slippers she got me for my birthday.
(which I love, love, love and am currently wearing)

Gus smells Riley on my new slippers
Zoe watches from a safe distance

After being chided about my lack of photos, I've quickly remedied the error of my ways.
My apologies, loyal followers. Thanks for all the encouraging responses!!

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