Sunday, January 29, 2012

What we've been doing

If you haven't heard by now, MW and I have made an addition to our family.
Meet Zoe!

After Gus had a great time playing with Buster over Christmas, MW and I decided to look into getting another cat to keep Gus company. We strolled into Forsyth Animal Control Shelter, with the intention of finding a new, non-black cat. And then, we fell in love with a black cat. 

She was so playful and friendly when we met her that we immediately felt like she'd be a good fit for Gus, whose energy seems endless. We spent about an hour with her and then decided to run home and bring Gus back, to see how they reacted to each other. Gus was anxious from hearing barking dogs and the meeting wasn't ideal, but he wasn't aggressive towards her at all. We went home that night and had the forms filled out the next day to adopt her. 

She came home on the 17th, after being spayed, and she and Gus had a slow start. He's been our baby for three years now, so he was a little put-off by this little mini version of him in his territory. I'm happy to say that after a week and a half, they're getting along perfectly!! 

Pooped from surgery, her first night home

They've been helping each other groom those hard to reach places

She's a nose licker. MW loves it.

She's been a great addition to our family. Even though she and Gus tore through the house like crazy cats at 6am this morning. 

Last sunday, MW had the idea to make some ravioli, something we've planned to do for a while but just hadn't yet. 
We roasted some cherry tomatoes

Used some local sausage mixed with onions, garlic, and parmesan for the filling

And spent some time stamping out the ravioli

Our stamp isn't ideal for making a lot, so we'll need to get a mold for quicker production,
but it worked fine for our first attempt. 

After they were cut, we left them to dry

Sausage Ravioli with roasted tomatoes and pesto. 
I can't wait to make it again! Good thing we froze some. 

A few days later, we had some leftover chicken. MW got creative again and made homemade mayo so we could have chicken salad sandwiches. 
It was so simple! And very flavorful.
We barely use mayo, so it's more than worth it to us to make it fresh when we need it for chicken salad or to spruce up sandwiches. 

This was even better than it looks, if possible. 

Wednesday evening, our good friends Joseph and Miranda were in the hospital, expecting the birth of their first child. Miranda was due to be induced the next morning, so while she rested, Joseph met us so we could get a pre-fatherhood drink for him. It was ideal timing, since Finnigan's Wake had just tapped their limited release keg of Bell's Hopslam.


To fatherhood!

We were so happy to be able to spend that time with Joseph and we know they're going to be great parents. Congratulations Joseph and Miranda!!

Saturday we spent the day with our friend the Snowman, who was getting a new tattoo in honor of his Nana. He took some ideas to a local tattoo artist and the artist drew up his interpretation, which turned out beautiful:

Snowman with the artist

 The tattoo shop was a few doors down from Foothills, where this year's Sexual Chocolate Stout was released on Friday. Naturally, we had to go (even though MW and I went by friday evening for a taste!)
It is divine. 
Creamy, chocolatey, and so silky smooth. One of my favorite beers. 

With two limited release beers (which we got to have on draught!) January turned out to be a great time for craft beers. We're excited to continue branching out and enjoying craft brews from around the state (and beyond). We're so glad we were able to get some time in with great friends this weekend, just before the semester starts getting busier for MW. 

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