Thursday, August 18, 2011

Scenic View (Part Deux)

As I said (I think) we spent Friday and Saturday of our trip to Seattle in George, Washington at a famous venue called The Gorge. It's literally on the precipice of a gorge, overlooking the Columbia river. The music starts while it's still daylight, but quickly the sun approaches the horizon and the entire view is painted in reds. It's an amazing way to see live music.

Thursday, to prepare for the trip we went grocery shopping and bought enough to feed the whole band crew. Our selections included, but were not limited to: gourmet cheeses, beer, summer sausage, grilled cheese ingredients, pb&j (always a camping staple) and hummus and pita chips. We basically spent the next few days basking in the beauty of nature, jamming to great music, and stuffing our faces.
Our assortment of regional beers

The car was stocked full and packed.

We arrived early on Friday after a short drive from Ellensburg. We made a quick stop at a little spot called "The Feathers" right near the venue, so named for the way the rocks look:

Gorge-ous views!

It felt like a scenic view of the world. 

Excited to see some Phish!

When we pulled into the lot, we were parked beside some serious vets. They were really hospitable and offered to let us tie up our tarp onto their giant tailgate tent.

It was nice and cozy in our tent

Our neighbor was a cool guy from Montana who makes AMAZING chocolate.
Check it out here: Posh Chocolat
I would highly recommend the Tipu's Chai and Smoked Almond Milk Chocolate bar (which he gave us a free sample of). It was incredible. 

After set up, we began drinking and grubbing. 
No, I don't think it was after noon yet, why do you ask?

We had a pretty bomb setup. 

Once full, we embarked on a journey to see the sights and sounds of the venue gatherers. 
Two little explorers emerged from a shrouded path to see: THE GORGE
Don't you love their little hats?

We heart pop up vans. I not-so-secretly want one. 

The collection of people is always an interesting mix at Phish concerts. 
The area where all the fun happens is pretty eclectic, but there's always good food to be found. 

We spent most of Friday exploring the area, eating, drinking, and napping. We emerged, fully rested, in time to walk up to the venue (which was a good 20 minute hike) before show time with tickets in hand. But first, we had grilled cheese.

With tomatoes! Yum!

It's hard to contain my energy, I know. 

We crested the peak of a hill and saw this view. 

Such a cool venue.

This was a view from a side railing, beyond the stage. 

Night 1 setlist included:

EncoreLoving Cup
[1] Page on theremin.
[2] Japanese lyrics.
The first night we stood in the pit area in front of the stage. Behind us, a hill rose up sharply with a "lawn" area that seemed a little steep to stand on all night. It was a good night to be close to the band as the jams flowed freely. 
After the show, we stumbled back to our tent and passed out relatively quickly, despite fireworks being shot off nearby. The next morning we got up and dusted ourselves off for another day of festivities. 
We were lucky enough to have borrowed a french press from EMC's friend, so we were able to start off the day with coffee!!

We had the fortunate positioning of being near a cluster of "Honey Buckets"
which were surprisingly, pleasantly clean (earning a song in homage from MW to the tune of "Rubber Ducky, you're the one")

Afterwards, we started with a search for breakfast. EMC and I found some delicious chicken tacos that we devoured so fast I couldn't take a picture of. MW found a breakfast burrito and bloody mary to start his day. We spent some time looking around at the knick knacks and food being sold before returning to our campsite, where we spent the day in the same way: eating, drinking, napping. 
Taco Stand (out of a large, painted school bus)
Somehow I missed taking a picture of it. (famine will do that)

He's ready to explore!

What night is this? Oh, thanks EMC, night 2.

::Fish face::

As we were packing up to head over a drum circle formed up in the tent beside us. It was a sign that we should get going. Although the singer had quite experimental vocals going on...

Again the walk and cresting the hill and the view, still as glorious as night 1:

If only we could average the two of these pictures. 
Sad town. 

Night two we sat a little to the left on a terrace style ledge
It provided a beautiful view behind the stage as the sun went down. 
And the breeze blowing up the hill was a nice sensation.

Night 2:
[1] Heartbreaker teases.
[2] Reba whistling, Tweezer, Tweezer Reprise, Nellie Kane, Sand, and Golden Age teases. Lyric changed to "Mike-O Esquandolas."

*stay tuned for part 3!

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