Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nice little Saturday

Our weekend with friends is coming to a fast end. I hate how quickly time goes over the weekend. Playing host is one of my favorite things to do. Especially when we can include our friends in the things that bring us happiness every day.

Friday after picking up The Regg, we came back to Winston and had a couple beers at First Street. I had the DuckRabbit Milk Stout, which is always a nice little dessert in itself. The boys had a couple IPAs (including Terrapin's Hopsecutioner; which I think has a nice bite to it). Fergie kept cool with some southern style sweet tea. Naturally, we became hungry so we went out to one of the coolest (and only) late night options: Breakfast of Course (Mary's too). Open until 3am on Friday and Saturday, BOC is a great place to go after a night out with friends, or a show at the soon to be opened, reincarnated Ziggy's.

(LOVE the artwork at BOC!)

I built my own breakfast sandwich with a biscuit, sausage, egg and cheddar grilled 
and with a side of hash browns. 

Art-o-matic dispenses original, local mini pieces of art

Fergie tried to get some for our households, 
but Art-O-Matic wanted nothing to do with her $5.

Proving to be one of the latest nights for me in a very, very long time, we eventually crashed into bed only to wake up early to go Kayaking on the Dan River with our good friend J-Rowdie. 

Gus got comfy with Fergie

In the morning, I packed us (with Fergie's help) some lunches of homemade BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches, strawberries and pineapple, and two homemade granola bars. 

It was time to fuel up for the trip. 
What better way to start a day of outdoor adventure than with French Toast on homemade honey-wheat bread?


The boys (and Kermit) are ready to take on the rapids of the Dan.

The River seemed to run a little higher than last weekend when we went and it was quite a leisurely float. About 1/3 down the route, it started to rain and like last weekend it started to rain again. We took shelter in the same cave and waited for the rain to pass while eating our bag lunches. Twice we got out of our kayaks and sat amid the small rapids ("hillbilly hot tub"). The water rushing past gives you a nice massage, if you can find a good spot to sit still. 

After getting home, we all crashed for a good two hours before we could even think about starting dinner. To show off our new skills, we made homemade pasta with basil (with the help of Fergie and The Regg, who rolled it out like pros). Additions included shrimp sauteed with onions, garlic and bacon and oven-dried tomatoes all coated with pesto. As a side we made the corn and roasted red pepper relish again. 
The Regg enjoyed his namesake IPA

oven dried tomatoes are my new favorite food

Fergie and The Regg roll out some pasta

Gus supervises

J joined us for dinner and we recapped our Highlights of the day

This was a pretty good Highlight

Of course we topped off the night with Ice Cream!

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