Monday, June 13, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

We just arrived home after a 3 day trip to Maryland to see some friends and concerts. It was difficult to motivate myself to study during the car trip when I had this book beside me. It was recommended to me by my sister (who enjoys running much more than I do) and it's been difficult to set down! So it was nice to have a couple hours to just read uninterrupted. Typically I read before bed, which allows me to get through about 3 pages before I zonk out.

Reading this book also made me want to hike out into the wilderness for a few days. Things like this transparent kayak call to me. But alas, work and school pull me home. MW will be gone for a couple days this week, so perhaps I'll try to find an interesting recipe to try. Perhaps another vegetarian one? I'm still trying to add to my arsenal of veggie dishes so that I can try my hand at being a vegetarian for a month without surviving off hummus and pita alone.

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