Monday, May 30, 2011

I Smell Summer

I would so much rather be kayaking than studying protein synthesis on this gorgeous Memorial Day holiday. But alas, human physiology awaits.

To make me forget about classwork, here are some of my favorite things this week:

breaded zucchini spears
I got this recipe from Dad and it's super simple! They're baked and healthy

We had them with one of my favorite meals: Stuffed Shells
I love to make this meal ahead of time and heat it on the day we're ready to eat.

We kegged the new brew! It's extra hoppy

Of course we had to have a sample, 
even though it won't be fully carbonated for a couple days

Yesterday I had mango for breakfast while reading. 
It was such a nice morning and it took me back to my days in Barbados

I made this summer salad for lunch to keep it light, since I made BBQ for dinner. 

I'm itching for summer to begin for outdoor excursions and possible beach trips.
Oh, how I miss Barbados!

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